Friday, December 10, 2010

It's been awhilez.

Wut can I say? The holifayz kina keep me buzy k.  I apologies.  I trwy harder. k.

Anyways. k.  I wanted to posts dis. I wurkin on TV centerz. The sound not playin my NICK JR programz good. So I adjustz soundz today. See. I can tech support for TV TOO.

Also. k.  Need more tech tikut before I go AFK for Christmasez Holifays. You send tikut? k.



Monday, November 8, 2010

Toof updatez.

Hello. k.
I thoughtz you all shouldz know that my top toofis downloading. I dun't know. But it be here soon.

Also here soon is somethingz mama call TURKFEY DAY? Wut is TURKFEY DAY?

And wif something called HOLEEDAY approcitching.  Doesn'tz that mean more ppl need tech support?

I went to Dada office this weekenz and did many tech supportsz. They shouldz really think bout hiringz me. I show you quickz sample of my day there but I post more tomorrowz. k.

 k. Here I am showzing that I wuz dere.

ANd herez I wuz working on some supportz for a customer service personz. She was hafing trouble with computerz and  I helpz her.  YES that my Dew k.

Don't judgez. k.


Friday, October 22, 2010


Yes. k. It me again. I felt you allz should know how much I LOVES ORANGY JUICEZ. It the bests. Maybe like more than PUFF. I don't know.

And my dada come home tomorrowz. He was in some crazy placez called Norzwaddy. I don't know. I hear it haz flying goats though.

Anyway. I have many tech tickut.

Jessica said...

You are really cute!! Love the new picture. Do you send autographs? You are going to be the most famous tech support ever!! Speaking of, I have an issue with my computer. It always says it has a update, and it never does.

Any tech support would be great!!

Jessicaz hello. k. 
Yez. I can sendz autographz. I am famous. I used to it. k.  I have new line of clothing coming out in Spring called. k.  You buy. k.
Hmmm copmuterz sayz Update but it never does. I think problemz is that you may need update and computerz telling you to update. Yes. That what it mean. You needz to updatez yourself. k.

Rice Say:

Hey, tis Rice. Workas Comp is a comp-un-say-sun for the ouchie at work. Dunno more. But, yah, when I got pokeys at the dog doctor, I got nom-nom yogurt puff things and extra PUFFS. I get dem for being a good search dog also, can you do puter search?

Hello again Rice Doggyz. 
That good. That you geetz the puffz too. Wut you want me toz searchy?


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day 25: I iz okz.

So. k.  I feel betters today.  Mostly becuz I made of tuff.  I said dis before. Tuff. 

I post picture to left to show I is k. See? k.

Dada work super latez last night. I dids not get to sees him at all yesterdays. I hope he doesn't works so late today. Mama is cool and all but I lovez dada.

Mama did feeds me yogurts today tho. I luv yogurts. BLueburr burr flavor.

missjessiecakes said...
First off you are such a cutie pie. Second did you at least get a treat in exchange for the icky poke-y?     Hello Missjessiecakes. k. NO. I did NOT. Rude? Yes. k. I am supposez to get treatz???


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day 24: I sowwy. I took a few days offz.

Hello. k.

Sowwy I not post for few days.  I was spending time with G-ma and G-pa and then I conked headz and TODAY I hadz has the flu SHOT.

So it's beenz kinda rough for Ehvee. Yes. k.

Tammy says "Lol! Made of tuff.

You need to outsource since you are hurt. I would take a few days off, kick back with your puffz and book! You can do your tikutz when you get back!!Do you know anything about motherboards? I am looking a new one and heard I should ask you"

Tammy I tried outsource cat but hez on vacation.  Motherboard? Motherboardz are OK. Fatherboardz stronger. You should get a Fatherboardz.  k.

Rice say "Mama say you need to get Workers Comp for the goose egg, means you get PUFFS without having to work while the egg goes away. I like PUFFS also, tho I am a pup, as they go with my diet. Mama is on LHC that's how I find your blog. Wuv, Rice."

Rice hi.  PUFFS are DELICIOUS. Yes. k. Wut workers comp? Is that special computerz? For workers? I am worker.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 23: I conked my head.

So. k. I was practicing the crawlies and I tripped and I conk face into table leg. It was kinda painfulz. I cry.

Den this bruise thing mama call it "Goosez Eggz" popped up on my face.  I dunno. It's sore but mama say it be ok.  She gave me extra pear for dinner.  Becauez I was hurted.

I tuff though. I made of tuff. So you no worry k.

k. I share with you now my Halloweeniez costumes. My Auntie Tashana she figure it out. She very smart. She think I cute. ^^ Rawr.  I cute yes?

Now I answers tech.

Samantha said...
Welcome back to work! I am sure you are backed up with work. But I do have an issue. When I try to run programs at home, I have to RIGHT click and Run Admin to get them to open on one of my computers. I can not double click to open files or programs anymore.

Do you know anything about this? Help me!! Will send Puffz!!

Samanthaz dank you. Yes. I Backedz upz.

Hmm maybe you run these programs too much and theyz tiredz? Try give programz rests. See if that helps. Give themz 2 dayz rests. k.

I fully stocked on puff. Dank you to send finger puffz instead. Theyz look like dis...

Dis is delicous ! I like MAPLEY SURYPE flavorz. k.


Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 22: I back.

So. k. I back now.  OUtsource kitty 2 do good job yes? I see he ansewered questionz.

He very professionalz. I keep him for next time I need outsource kat.

He also provide me with dis beauitful shirt. It's prettyz yes? heart was sparkly pretty. Glittery.

Pixel Puss is alsoz back. She had spa treatmentz. I am unsure.  They shave and bathe her. I don't know whatz else.

She very skitty when she comez back.  I thinkz maybe they dipz her tail in waters. She hates when her tail gets wets.

I has to talk to dese spa peoplez about dipping her tailz in waterz.

Write me moar tech tikuts.